Insul-Tech Inc. was established in 2003. We are a privately owned insulation contractor headquartered in Frederick, MD serving the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metropolitan Areas in the commercial and industrial mechanical insulation fields.

With insulation requirements and specifications continuing to evolve the emphasis at Insul-Tech Inc. remains on the customer, with energy efficiency and conservation constantly in mind. We value the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest materials, designs, and proper installation of all insulation products.

We strive to hire the most qualified installers that are trained through an insulation apprenticeship program which includes OSHA safety training and certifications, background checks, drug testing, and e-verification to ensure that our workforce is second to none. We acknowledge that customers want and deserve the best quality skilled workers available for their specific job.

In addition to mechanical insulation, we offer additional services in fire stopping, mold and mildew control, and mechanical insulation energy appraisals.

Our team is well equipped to provide the necessary information for planning and completing your next mechanical insulation project.

1. Plumbing & HVAC Insulation
2. Custom Insulation Solutions
3. Removal of Existing Insulation
4. Energy Appraisel

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Frederick, MD 21704
Phone: (301) 378-0013
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